Join CoBoPro community and design new prosthesis, make it cheapest and affordable for everyone in extremely bad condition.

CoBoPro, a revolutionary idea!

The aim of the project is to combine Europack’s know-how, specialized in mildboard-
making, and Biesse’s mass production machinery with Fablab Contea innovative and
visionary skills to create a temporary prosthesis completely realized in corrugated
mildboard.the idea is going to have a great impact in this market, principally because of his
ridiculous cost, compared to other prosthesis now available on the market (including also
3d made prosthesis), to supply the lack of those products in war zones, critical areas and
with sanitary emergencies. Combining the ludicrous cost and the product toughness is
possible to reach, with proper geometries and press-fit joints of the corrugated mildboard,
the project has the ambitious purpose to create also a community where new applications
will be developed made by this material, to build any genre devices, principally in medical

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