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    Healthy Feel Diet According to our ” timing “, we may be interested in taking a Concentrated or Isolated Serum, and even Hydrolyzed, or Casein train-fresh-raised Then we must synchronize our meals with our training: Newly trained coach I train at midmorning / day I train in the afternoon I train at the last minute Early training There are those who train on an empty stomach, or who perform a previous meal . If you are of the second, keep in mind that if you eat before training, and of course you want those nutrients to be available when you start your sports session, you should take something that is as fast as possible. Here the hydrolyzate of protein would fit perfectly , taking it around 20-30 minutes beforehand, since it will be assimilated very fast, besides not presenting any type of stomach discomfort, and therefore allow to be in full conditions (amino acids in blood) of face the training .

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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