Project Partners

Ideas are the engine of change, but many times you need only someone who believes in you, someone who shares your vision and gives you a hand. Even CoBoPro at its beginning found companies who liked our project and gave us a help. Here we want to introduce our partners!

Main Partners

ICE Filaments

ICE Filaments is one of our main partners:   ICE Filaments is a Belgium based brand of these high qualitative filaments.   ICE stands for Innovate – Create – Explore.


Eumakers is born as a branch of Rigenera Biocompound.

This Italian Company is specialized in plastic research and produces PLA filaments, always taking care of environmental substainibility.

Machinable Wax

Machinable wax is an extremely hard wax with a high melt point that has been formulated to deliver exceptional machining properties with high resolution detail.

One of its strengths is their attention paid to specific industries, to give them the best products they need.

Other partners

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