The idea behind CoBopro comes from Giacomo Falaschi, Fablab Contea cofounder. Giacomo was in Boston, partecipating in Fab 11, an international Fablab event. While talking with an ONG employee Giacomo tried to offer many solutions to realize 3d prosthesis in critical areas, the ONG worker answered him: “how could we use a 3d printer if we haven’t any power there!?”.

When Giacomo came back to Italy he met an old friend: Claudio Materietti, Europack Service’s owner. While talking they realized that they could find a way to design prosthesis made by corrugated board, that every day Claudio works.

Then Fablab Contea’s team adopted the idea and with Europack service we began to develop this Project.

We didn’t miss the chance offered by Openmaker answering its call.

At this point of our work we would only say that we are exited to develop this idea and we hope that you like CoBoPro as much as we do!


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